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When you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you seek the services of a skilled defense attorney right away. At William T. Payne, P.C., we are here to help. As criminal defense lawyers in Decatur, GA, we will work diligently to provide you with the support and representation you require.

Our legal team will go over the details of your case to work out the ideal defense strategy for your situation. Additionally, with our assertive representation, our lawyers will ensure the complete protection of your rights. Contact our firm to learn more about the criminal law support we have to provide or to schedule a consultation with our team.

Other Legal Solutions

In addition to our criminal defense services, our law firm also provides representation for personal injury cases. If you are injured because of an accident or while at work, our personal injury lawyers are here to help. We will work to seek fair compensation for your injuries to help cover the costs of your medical bills and to assist with lost wages if you can no longer work. So when you are injured due to the negligence of others, turn to our firm to find out about the legal options you have available.

We Are Highly Experienced in Defending Cases

When you retain one of us as your criminal defense lawyer in Decatur, GA, we will help you create a strong defense to protect your rights. Our job is to make sure all angles are covered before and after your day in court.

Each case is different, and each one requires a tailored strategy and approach. As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we will prepare for a contested trial, if need be, or can negotiate favorable terms out of court if the situation demands it. We will leverage deep and substantial trial experience at different levels of court, including:

  • U.S. Court of Appeals (11th and 5th Circuits)
  • U.S. District Court (Northern and Middle District of Georgia)
  • Georgia State and Superior Courts
  • Georgia Supreme Court
  • Georgia Court of Appeals
  • U.S. Supreme Court (Washington, DC)

When you are facing a criminal charge, we appreciate that one of the most important decisions you make is the choice of your criminal defense lawyer. Let us assure you that our primary focus will be to build a strong and firm case. You can rest easier in this stressful time by trusting us with your case. Here are the main things that you can expect from us:

  • We Will Explain the Entire Process and Ensure Personalized Attention
  • We Will Handle All the Complex Paperwork and Filings
  • We Will Help You Consider All Available Options
  • We Will Handle Discussions with Prosecution
  • We Will Fight to Protect Your Future

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